Walmart Credit Card, so hot, Walmart Credit Card

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Much like Hansel from the movie Zoolander, the Walmart Credit Card is hot right now! With a 10% savings on in store purchase the day of sign up, and great benefits that (might) stick with the card after the sign up bonus period what isn’t hot?
Well, I suppose the fact that the offer expires Dec 31, 2016 is less hot, but that should just be encouragement to run to the nearest Walmart! Also, it says that if you get the 10% purchase bonus you don’t qualify for the 3-2-1 Savings, which seem to be the best part about the card. I am not sure what sort of bonuses you end up getting if you take that luxurious 10% savings on the in store purchase occurring on the day of signup. However, my suspicious mind seems wary that this may be a classic sign of a rewards card pitfall!
All that being said, if you love Walmart and are excited about getting a nice 3% off of purchases click here to sign up.

However, from everything I’ve read online, it seems that if your credit score is less than 600 you will have a very difficult time getting approved. Hark! The good folks at have your back. If Walmart declines you (or if you know they will decline you), why not try out this card: